Google Ads For Real Estate: Driving New Potential Deals Daily

Adwords for real estate

Google ads for real estate is something that has the potential to do some pretty amazing things for your real estate company. Many people do not understand how powerful this advertising medium truly is when done correctly. In this article, we will explain how Google Ads can help your real estate firm.

Real Estate PPC can Increase Impressions

With PPC for real estate, your firm will experience an increase in the number of impressions. These impressions are from people who are viewing an advertisement after searching for related target keyword phrases that are specific to your business.

Google AdWords for Real Estate Scale Well

Real estate pay per click can be very scalable. Once we find a high-performing real estate keyword we begin to optimize the PPC campaign to that phrase. By only spending advertising dollars on those phrases that are well-performing. It allows us to maximize your ad dollars, this is an important step with PPC services because Google ads for real estate is expensive.

Adwords for Real Estate Drives Quality Leads Fast

The number one need for any business is lead generation hands down. But you can not tolerate poor leads because they waste both time and money. In real estate, there are lead generation services that you can tap into such as Zillow leads. While you will gain 100’s of leads from Zillow they are usually low quality leads with no buyers intent

You can avoid these low-quality leads by investing in real estate AdWords. The quality of leads is much higher due to the search intent of the keywords. One of the things we do at our digital marketing firm is pick keywords with high search intent. For example, we focus on pay per click phrases such as “rent commercial office space in Orlando.”

A search for a phrase like the one we just described is more qualified than a phrase like “rent real estate.” Anyone who searches for terms related to your business will be shown an advertisement so you can be confident that they are looking for your product or service.

Google Ads for Real Estate – The Secret Sauce

Google Ads for real estate can be a secret weapon in your toolbox to grow your real estate company quickly. There are many additional benefits to using PPC services that we did not cover in this article but, like most things in life that are beneficial, there are also big drawbacks.

Google Adwords is very complex to anyone who is not familiar with the 100’s of different targeting options available. It is very easy to get overwhelmed by Google Adwords. We recommend investing in a digital marketing company that can handle all the heavy lifting for you. From there, you will be on your way to gaining quality leads, increased impressions, and have a strong strategy to scale quickly.

PS: if you like enjoyed this article on real estate AdWords we suggest you read about real estate SEO as it is a great way to improve your agency’s web traffic organically without having to spend money on pay per click on a regular basis.

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